Our music supervisors Bec Adams, Jade Croo and Zoe Gitter worked with Chrome Hearts to sonic brand all Chrome Hearts storefronts worldwide, through curated music playlists. These playlists identify the different energies needed within the stores throughout the different times and days of the week, bringing Chrome Heart’s rock and roll legacy and energy to every Chrome Hearts space.

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Les Filles worked with Cartier to sonically curate and license a selection of tracks for their resort collection held in New York in late 2019. Diana Ross was the performer, inspiring the sonic landscape created by Les Filles as an ode to her music career.

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The Les Filles team has consistently worked closely with The CFDA, particularly for their bi-annual event, Americans in Paris. This event is a showcase of 5 up and coming American designers curated by Anna Wintour of Vogue, whose works are showcased in Paris during PFW. 

The event takes place over 3 days at Coco Chanel’s old apartment in Paris, where fashion’s elite come in to meet with the designers. 

Les Filles has been sonically branding the space each year for both the daily showcases as well as the closing party which celebrates the winning designer.

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Les Filles is currently working with Neiman Marcus to re-curate all of their retail spaces sonically. The first store to receive a rebranding is Mariposa, which now features music such as Pink Martini to draw upon the nostalgic Hollywood feeling of the store’s location. In 2022, Les Filles will be reimagining all the remaining Neiman Marcus stores to create a more intimate and location specific shopping experience.

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The New York Edition Hotel, is a New York icon. The music that is played within the lobby needs to reflect the breadth of what gives the hotel its identity; its aesthetic, the people that visit from far and those who use its nightlife and dining facilities locally. It needs to be as diverse and impactful as the DNA of New York itself. Our Les Filles creatives managed to accomplish just that with a variety of carefully crafted playlists to set the right mood for anyone stepping into the Edition’s lobby.

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Sparrows Lodge Boutique Hotel is an oasis in Palm Springs that has a magical feel like no other, focusing on relaxation and time away from screens to fully unwind. Our Les Filles creatives designed the music direction for the hotel and its different spaces hand-picking what plays based on time of day and utility of each space. For example, in the morning, the collection of songs promote calm and serenity with sounds that draw a peaceful atmosphere in jazz with Samba Da Bencao and old Ethiopian jazz.

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The famous skincare brand, Biologique Recherche, engaged our Les Filles creatives to create music content for their skincare routines. Les Filles worked closely together with the Biologique Recherche team to create 7 micro playlist, one hour each, which Biologique shared daily for the span of a week on their social media channels. At the end of the week they released and shared a master playlist, combining all previously released playlists.

The breakdown was as follows:

BR – Step 1

Light & fresh, starting the routine in a happy and delicate vibe with a French touch.

BR – Step 2

Tonic & Electronic but non aggressive. Follow the beat.

BR – Step 3

Mask time! Meaning time to relax, breathe, lay down and meditate. Music direction? Sound bath style. The last track will wake you up but… en douceur. 

BR – Step 4

It’s time to wake up and wash your face! Breathe by Telepopmusic is the perfect track to lead you into this step. Collage Marin with / or Placenta. Still relaxing but more dynamic. 

BR – Step 5

We are almost at the end of the routine but not yet. Here you will find a balance between the calmness of what self care means but also the feeling of “getting ready”. 

BR – Step 6

Alright. Almost done! Here we want to give the “go”. It gets more fun, more punchy. A little French touch starting with C’est la ouate by Caroline Loeb.

BR – Step 7

As we are at the final step, you will discover an up-beat and curated selection! Time to dance in front of your mirror while applying the Fluide VIP.

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Our Les Filles Sonic Branding team was commissioned to curate a playlist for the “Atmospheric Skating Show” at the Rockefeller Center in celebration of the 100 year anniversary of Chanel N5. The hour-long playlist builds from an ethereal feel all the way to a classic top-40 funk.

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Our Les Filles creatives were engaged to curate the music direction and sonic concept for Marlene Birger’s newly opened Copenhagen flagship store. A variety of playlists of hand picked tracks were made to create the right atmosphere for all various times of business hours. Weekday morning playlists focused on calm but joyful genres of music such as ambient and lounge – while the afternoon and weekend playlist were more eclectic, inspiring and energetic, featuring mostly acid jazz, funk and disco tracks. 

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Inspired by the seasonal advent calendar, our Les Filles creatives curated a variety of playlists for Chanel’s makeup line “We Love Coco”. The playlists were shared through a newsletter and on We Love Coco instagram page.

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