What began as a culture shock after immigrating from India to America with her family paved the path for Priyanka to find refuge in the new spheres of music she was suddenly surrounded by.

Priyanka’s multicultural upbringing fostered an unwavering curiosity for art, culture, and the relationship between the two. Hoping to create the representation for Indian women in the arts she lacked growing up, she pursued a career in art direction and advertising. In college, she co-founded a magazine platforming local talent in Chicago while also curating art-focused events throughout the city. Her love for the arts has led  Priyanka to work with brands such as RSVP Gallery, Vans, and Havas.

In 2021, Priyanka’s passion for culture landed her a spot as a TEDx speaker. Her talk, titled “A Cynical Investigation Into Love,” discusses the distinct perspective of love she gained through growing up watching her parent’s relationship — one that was initiated through an arranged marriage.

Equipped with an extensive music library spanning across genres and decades, Priyanka taught herself how to DJ while getting her start at local venues in Chicago. Since then, she quickly found herself working with venues such as Soho House and Ace Hotel after making the move to Los Angeles, where she currently resides. She is rooted in the intention to create an experience that blends across borders, introduces rooms to international sounds, and honors the same cultural connection that music offered her as a kid of immigrants.

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