Music Supervision

Les Filles can consult on, license, creatively direct, and place any piece of music to video content. Whether it means finding and licensing the rights of an acclaimed pop song, unearthing a lesser-known track by an up-and-coming artist, or acquiring rights to music from the vast archives of musicians and composers, we can do it. 

What sets Les Filles apart is our network within the music community. Our most senior music supervisor Bec Adams has worked in the music industry for more than 10 years and has direct access to the world’s best musicians, label executives and managers. These relationships allow Les Filles to source any music at the most cost-effective price.

Sonic Branding

Sonic branding is the use of sound to reinforce a brands identity. Les Filles works with brands to create their unique sonic identity that pairs perfectly to their visual aesthetic.

Sonic branding incorporates a 360 brand message via sound, involving the following elements: in-store playlists that differentiate the different times and days of the week, so that the correct mood is set in store at all times, runway show and presentation music curation, events utilizing the appropriate DJs to play the brands sonic DNA.

Original Composition

Les Filles can create an original piece of music for your video content, social content and website. This piece of music is created and curated directly to picture by an artist or composer from Les Filles’ network, allowing the music to parallel the visuals to engage and captivate its audience. 

What sets Les Filles a part is our strong network of musicians who can create original compositions of music, that have a different and more artistic point of view due to their high calibre of affiliations.
Les Filles prides itself on not curating music that sounds like stock music, or typical jingles.

Les Filles goes one step further and licenses the music for you. Through our legal expertise in that field we take care of everything without risk of copyright infringements. 

Talent Sourcing

Les Filles represents female-identifying musicians. Our breadth of experience and unique insights into the music industry are coupled with a tenacity and drive that delivers an unmatched result.

The artists at Les Filles cannot be categorized; they work in fashion, film, art and design.

At its core, Les Filles believes in the powerful role music plays. Your brain has five senses, and quite often music is misunderstood or even maligned. Les Filles can work with any brand by incorporating not just the best music, but the right music that is the heart of that brand’s DNA.

Runway Music

les filles represents female
-identifying musicians whose breadth of experience and unique insights into the music industry couple with tenacity and drive to deliver a consummate package. 
The artists at les filles cannot be categorized; they have worked in across fashion, film, art and design. 
The artists are les filles are creating new sounds, parties and movement.