sophia ziskin

Sophia Ziskin, aka FIFI, is a multi-faceted talent currently residing in Los Angeles. Being in Los Angeles meant growing up adjacent to the music and entertainment industry. FIFI is a true California girl. Her childhood memories exist through sound: listening to music on the beach, driving down PCH with the windows down, dancing at house parties. Sound is the conduit of her most memorable experiences.

FIFI is French-Algerian, and she owes her core taste to her mother, who she grew up speaking French with. Her mother, a Parisian native, exposed her to north-African and French house music at an early age. It was during her nights out in Europe that she absorbed what it means to love music on a global level. FIFI entered the music industry on the business end. She began working at Terrible Records as a music manager, where she continues to hone her skills and gain insight into the industry’s inner fabric.

FIFI cannot go a day without finding new sounds. Her constant exposure to all things music has grown a musical palette that is nothing short of expansive. Her sets are a fluid blend of genres, effortlessly transitioning from Disco rhythms to stirring Afro Funk beats, to dance-worthy 2000s pop. As someone who used to fully occupy the dance floor, FIFI has a natural ability to match the energy of each client and crowd. FIFI’s mission is simple: make every individual feel hot and irresistibly compelled to dance. Sophia Ziskin, FIFI, is not just a DJ, model, or music manager, she is a curator of memories, unforgettable experiences; an ambassador of global musical eclecticism.

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