jade croo

Jade Croo is a DJ, model and musician whose eclectic roots fuse together into an equally multidimensional sound.

Hong Kong born and Brussels bred with Haitian heritage, Jade is a cultural hybrid whose array of lived experiences brought her to NYU’s prestigious Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music, where she was able to discover and grow her passion for DJing.

Creating worlds through the music she plays, Jade’s set is a blend of melodic and electronic – mixing genres of House, Drum and Bass, R&B, French Pop and Dance music.

This love of experimentation with different styles was strongly informed by her work as a songwriter and producer, as well as her time spent living in Berlin and a fast-growing interest in creative coding. It was there that she developed  a program that allowed different artistic mediums to become MIDI controllers, thus manipulating sound and becoming musical instruments themselves.

Since joining Les Filles, she has had the chance to DJ all over the world, from New York Fashion Week to Paris Fashion Week and Brussels Design September, working with companies such as Chanel, Dior, Coach, Ganni, AG Jeans, Essentiel Antwerp, Elle Magazine, HommeGirls, Rolling Stone, Nuovo Paris, Les Bains Paris and Silencio Club to sonically bring each brand’s DNA to the party.

A conglomeration of passions, cultures, contradictions and talents – Jade resonates with all those who lead life with their hearts first, and figure out the rest along the way.

To listen to Jade’s mixes and for any booking requests please contact bec@lesfilles.cc