isabella massenet

Isabella Massenet is a model and DJ living in New York. Born and raised in London, she grew up in a French-American household. She moved to New York to study at NYU Gallatin, where she created her concentration: How Genres of Storytelling Affect Social Change. Her studies include English Literature, Film, Art History, and Music Criticism.

Isabella began her career as a DJ after moving to New York. Her passion for music was initially expressed through music curation, making playlists that she shared for various tastes and occasions. Isabella thrived off of choosing music to match the energy of an environment, mood, and audience. Once she started DJing, she continued to take this approach of adaptability by bringing genres together to create a comfortable and joyful energy. She has since played for clients including FRAME and LOUIS VUITTON, and for private parties in London, Ibiza, and New York

Isabella’s sound is an amalgam of Disco, Funk, 80s Italian Pop, French Techno, Big Beat, and Singalong House. With her eclectic taste, she brings an exciting and joyful energy to any environment.

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