bea hardy

Bea Hardy is a creative living in New York with an in-depth knowledge of disco, house and techno. She grew up in New York in a Belgian-Spanish household. Her passion for music and hi-fi sound, shaped by her audiophile father, fuels her eclectic taste and relentless search for music that is filled with newness and excitement. She likes to bring this ethos to her DJ sets, blending forgotten tracks with fresh sounds.

After living in London for years, she moved back to New York and brought back her musical influences and refreshing beats from her time in the club scene in the UK. Outside of private parties in NYC and London, you can find her playing at internationally renowned venues in New York such as Public Hotel, Virgo, and more. She also manages her own events brand “Something Good”, bringing together a community of up and coming artists and creatives in NYC.

To listen to bea’s mixes, and for any booking requests, please email