anastasia / petit

Anastasia is a multi-genre artist performing under the name of petit. She started her career as a DJ in the duo named DDoS, which is very popular in Anastasia’s home country. With the duet, petit performed at all the main venues in the country and repeatedly went on tour with performances. Anastasia was born in Saint Petersburg, graduated from the Vaganova Ballet Academy and then danced in the Mariinsky theatre. Also she has repeatedly appeared in European and Russian cinema (“Polina danser sa vie”, “Le vent tourne”, “Birds of Paradise”, etc.), which was shown in major world film festivals (Berlinale, Venice Film festival, Locarno Film festival, London Film Festival, etc.) Petit also frequently appears on the pages of fashion magazines, such as Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, Vogue Italia, InStyle, L’Officiel, Grazia, Marie Claire, Glamour and others.

Anastasia has started her DJ career 4 years ago. In her choice of music she is very versatile playing different styles: from disco, house, cocktail styles to breakbeat, techno, dance hall, raggaeton, always creating an unique hypnotic atmosphere which is created due to a competent combination of different musical styles and unique plastique, which has been worked out by years of study at the best ballet school in the world.

Now petit is based in Paris and she started her carrier there from famous David Lynch’s club — Silencio, new promising club “Le petit prince”, Gio Forbice’s party as part of Paris Fashion Week, Purple Magazine anniversary, Pamela club, Serpent a Plume, Hotel Amour and other famous Parisian clubs. Recently she was also chosen to appear on the pages of the Cultured magazine among 10 promising female musicians shot by Anton Corbijn.

Anastasia’s top clients include Chanel, H&M, Jimmy Choo, Ralph Lauren, Hermès, Tag Heuer, Vogue, and more.

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