alessandra denegri

Alessandra Denegri is a Peruvian DJ, actor of stage and screen, dedicated activist, model and brand ambassador.Having grown up in Lima, Peru, her work has always been inspired by the rhythms and rituals of the city, the contradictions within its society, and by the rich, millenial heritage woven through its remarkable culture. Her sound is a reflection of her unique personality: eclectic, enigmatic and provocative. Her heart is South American, but her adventurous spirit makes her a citizen of the world.

As a multi-medium artist, she joined Bulbo Collective in 2014, becoming an integral part of a creative team working to fuse sound, art and performance in non-traditional spaces in order to bring something new to Lima’s underground electronic music scene. Because of this, you can find Ale playing her beats at the most fashionable events her country has to offer, from a private disco euphoria in the Sacred Valley of Cusco to post-industrial venues in the most vanguard urban corners.

Alessandra cultivates her music from many genres, from house to disco, through funk and Latin tracks, creating a memorable musical ambience that never ceases to inspire, thoroughly captivate, and surprise.

Denegri has collaborated with brands like Puma – for whom she also currently works as brand ambassador – Chandon, Mont Blanc, Absolut Vodka, Bobbi Brown, Impakto Art Gallery, Lima Fashion Week, D’ Mag Magazine in Argentina and many underground electronic parties in her local city.

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