marley parker

Marley Parker is a DJ, entrepreneur, activist, model, painter and curator. All aspects of her work are centered around radical political and social action.

She is the owner and founder of Dis Trick, an organizing platform centered around decolonizing art and education. Her modeling has become a powerful promotional tactic, working with clients such as Fenty Beauty, Facebook, Kiss Cosmetics, ASOS, Target, Nylon, Levi’s, Benefit Cosmetics, Vogue, Milk Makeup and much more. Her diversified DJ sound and technique has landed her clientele such as Rebecca Minkoff, H&M, SXSW, Jungle Brothers, etc. Her newest endeavor; Dis Cakes, with business partner Pauli Cakes, is a platform connecting underground artists in NYC via radio, interviews, panels and parties. Marley seeks to uplift and support queer LGBTQIA POC communities in all aspects through revolutionary social/political creative engagement, and this absolutely translate into her sound.

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