hart denton

Growing up in Arkansas, Hart embodies the essence of what is defined as a true Country American. The 27 year old wears many hats, being a musician, country music DJ, model and actor – most prominently known for their role in Riverdale.

Hart attended Belmont University on a music scholarship, however moved to the city of angels when they got cast in Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why. After some time well spent in the acting world, Hart could not deny his affinity and deep love of music, returning to it by starting the band Motherlover with fellow Riverdale cast mate KJ Apa, and engraving himself into the country music scene as a DJ.

Hart’s inspiration as a DJ is drawn from nature, travels, and background as an actor, which has allowed them to develop a keen sense for people and emotions that otherwise may never of been learnt. Hart primarily is known as a Country Music DJ, however is available as an open format DJ for all occasions, where they can curate a fun atmosphere.

To listen to hart’s mixes, and for any booking requests please contact info@lesfilles.cc